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This Village Design Statement describes the administrative parish of Chipperfield as it is seen today by its residents and focuses on those visual aspects that they appreciate most. Its aim is to help ensure that any future developments, large or small, will respect these features and help to retain the parish’s and (in particular) the village’s character.

The Village Design Statement amplifies policy in the Local Plan and gives guidance on appropriate materials and design. The Statement is intended to be complementary to the Local Plan, but, should conflict arise, the provisions of the Plan would prevail.

Through the adoption of this Design Statement as Supplementary Planning Guidance by Dacorum Borough Council, statutory bodies, planners, architects, builders, engineers and local householders and businesses will all have a better idea of how they can contribute positively to retaining and enhancing the village’s local distinctiveness and will be encouraged to follow these guidelines for all development whether or not planning approval is required. If the principles are carefully followed this will make a major contribution to the maintenance of the local heritage in Chipperfield for future generations.

The Design Statement does not:

• seek uniformity of design automatically
• prevent design innovation
• prevent appropriate new building

The Village Design Statement originated with an initiative from Chipperfield Parish Council. A local steering group was formed, which organised a residents workshop, part of which involved them in touring the village identifying those features they valued and those which they found detrimental to the village’s underlying character. Based on their findings, the steering group formulated guidelines and incorporated them into a draft consultation document, which was circulated to every household and formed the basis of a public consultation day in the Village Hall. The draft was circulated to building and development professionals and interested organisations and comments incorporated before presentation of a ‘final’ draft to the Borough Council. After a further consultation opportunity, the Borough Council adopted this design statement as supplementary planning guidance on 19th December 2001.

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