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Wendy Bathurst

Old Friends And New Arrivals

2nd of May 2009

The 1st of April, All Fools Day, and we are having old friends to stay. As I trot up and down to get the Wendy House ready for tea I notice that Katy, the ewe that is due to lamb, is in one of the little red portable shelters. In a previous life they were […]

High Level Songsters

2nd of April 2009

A nice, dry and often sunny week at the beginning of March has found me at the top of a ladder pruning some of our old and unruly John Standish apple trees. John Standish are the only apple trees I know that like to grow straight up, like sky rockets, and we never seem to […]

Winter Fun And Games

2nd of March 2009

At last, a proper winter and my toboggan has been out of the shed! It has been jolly useful for carting bales of hay to the sheep and first class for whizzing down hills. It was my best Christmas present when I was about 10 years old and I have treasured it ever since.I find […]

Winter Wonderland

2nd of February 2009

Spring is just around the corner- but as I sit writing these notes and looking out of the window it is hard to believe. The haw frost has not left the trees all day and it did not yesterday either. The weather man said the cold snap would end in a couple of days, but […]

Winter Visitors Or Just Neighbours?

2nd of December 2008

The dull damp mornings of the last week of October and the first week of November have been brightened by the noisy arrival of skeins of geese flying out on to the stubble to graze. As Ted, our dog, and I take our first walk of the day, V formations come over head honking, seemingly […]

Still Here – But Only Just!

1st of November 2008

Autumn, a time of mists and mellow fruitfulness, ripe apples, and mushrooms. I love all the changes of season, all for different reasons, and picking apples, mushrooms and other fungi help to make up for the shortening days. I wish I knew more about fungi in general, but I do love mushrooming. We never had […]

Up The Hornets!

2nd of October 2008

It has been a very good year for hornets. Not the ones that give me times of great sadness and occasionally great joy at Vicarage Road Watford, but the ones that look like wasps on anabolic steroids. Actually, they are more orange and brown than yellow and black, and half as big again as wasps. […]

Summer Delights And Disappointments

2nd of September 2008

It has not been much of a summer so far, but the wild flowers that were sown last autumn on an ugly heap of clay have loved it. What was once an ugly scare is now covered in wild carrots, yarrow, ox eye daisies and knapweeds. The butterflies, bees and hoverflies love it, and so […]

My Boy Bill

2nd of July 2008

Oh the joys of keeping livestock! I am just about to serve dinner, asparagus fresh from the garden to start, when glancing down to the pond I see Bill, the lamb that I bottle fed, pruning the cornus behind the pond. He is out again! I turn off the grill and run down the garden. […]

Old Friends And New Visitors

2nd of June 2008

I love to hear the skylark singing on my early morning walks with Ted, our young Labrador. Even on the rather barren, open field behind Scatterdells Lane there are still plenty about. The path runs beside a nice thick hedge, the next one across the field must be half a mile away! The other side […]

Sunshine And Snow Showers

2nd of May 2008

On Friday we took Ted, our Labrador, for a glorious walk along the River Chess from Latimer to Chenies in wonderful spring sunshine. Even without jackets it was quite warm. Today, Sunday, as I look out of the window everything is white with snow; two inches have landed on the patio table!The ewes look fit […]

New Friends And Old

2nd of April 2008

Some time ago I went to a wildlife talk where niga seed was recommended to attract Goldfinches. I went out and got some straight away. Every now and again I have had to throw it away as it went damp or mouldy, but I have persevered. Imagine my delight, it has been 2 years or […]

Garden Visitors

2nd of March 2008

Some visitors are more welcome than others and it is just the same in the garden. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the frogs and toads to spawn in the ponds. After that they should be quite hungry and eat a nice lot of our slugs.The herons that come to feed on them will […]

Autumn's Bounty Draws The Crowds

2nd of February 2008

We had a bumper crop of apples last autumn and, even after we had juiced and bottled a lot of the fruit, there were still hundreds of windfalls on the ground. The sheep enjoy a bucketful each day, but they can only manage rotting ones, or even completely black ones, as their teeth are designed […]

Plagues Of Pigeons

2nd of December 2007

With the clocks going back my early morning dog walks are once again in day light, for a few weeks any way. I can manage the dark evenings, crumpets and a roaring fire, but I hate getting up in the dark.Getting up to a fine sunny morning is a real treat and Ted, our young […]

Things That Go Poo In The Night

2nd of November 2007

Many people who walk across ” our” footpath (from the Land Rover garage to Scatterdells Lane) have noticed the large number of small shallow pits that have been dug in recent weeks. They are 4 to 6 inches deep, some filled with dark coloured poo, but not all. These are the handywork of the local […]

Green Grass All A Round

20th of October 2007

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, early September, the lambs had gone and I was grazing the two ewes and the ram on the lawn in an effort to find them some grass. Expecting the same again this year, I had arranged for the lambs to visit some friends in Kings […]

Snakes Alive !

2nd of September 2007

I do not know what it is about snakes but, even when I know it�s a grass snake and therefore quite harmless, the hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end! We first saw one in the garden 5 or 6 years ago. A baby snake slithered over my boot whilst I […]

The Early Morning Shift

2nd of July 2007

Great British weather,where would we be without it ?What would we have to talk about? April was more like June and I thought it would never rain and that the grass would never grow. Then May came along and it did not know when to stop raining and the grass grew like mad, until it […]

New Arrivals, Three Times The Fun

2nd of June 2007

How quickly time passes – it’s lambing time again. Last summer’s heat wave left me desperate for grass to feed the sheep and lambs, so I decided to keep one less ewe and, as they usually have twins, it would be three less mouths to feed this summer. Bryony had developed some sort of allergy […]