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Wendy Bathurst

A Room Wit A View

1st of July 2011

When my mother moved into my granny annex at the beginning of April I pointed out the wonderful view from her patio windows. Being at the top of the bungalow she looks out onto the main ride and down to the wildlife pond and beyond. She was unsure how much she would see, with 87 […]

Lawn Mower With Legs

1st of June 2011

Four little lambs are now skipping round the garden, running races and using poor old Katy as a trampoline. Sally, the mother of the last two, is not nearly so patient and will certainly not sit still while four lambs take it in turns to jump on and off her tummy. When her twins were […]

Ups And Downs In The Garden

1st of May 2011

After two hard winters in a row I suppose it’s no surprise that there are dead plants in the garden. My Phormiums have suffered terribly; three are dead and three are just hanging on to life. They did not like the cold and when their long straight leaves were bent over by the snow, bank […]

Death In The Garden

1st of April 2011

made a kill. I always have a look to see if I can tell what is on the menu; pigeon is very popular. This time I got a surprise as there among the feathers was the body of the sparrowhawk itself. So often I have watched it nimbly whizzing through the trees and only last […]

The Big Garden Bird Watch

1st of March 2011

It’s quite a few years since I took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch, but this year I decided to have another go. One has to watch the birds in the garden for one hour on Saturday 29 or Sunday 30 January recording the different species and the highest number of that species […]

Winter Warmers

1st of February 2011

I still have not grown out of my love of snow, and this winter it came when I was at my lowest and gave me a boost. I had a wonderful time whizzing down the hills in Scatterdells woods on my toboggan with the children from the lane and having snow ball fights, too, of […]

Time To Stand And Stare

1st of December 2010

I seem to spend a long time on the phone these days; some are nice calls from friends to see how I am, and some are not so nice business calls, often with a long wait and dreadful music. I am not a fan of any sort of music, I prefer bird song, rushing water, […]

Difficult Times

1st of November 2010

The last month has been the most difficult time of my life, but our beautiful garden and the local wildlife have helped to sustain me. So many times I have seen the wonderful Roe Deer in their golden summer coats, either peeping at me through the trees or gracefully bounding across the fields, or the […]

Beauties On The Wing

1st of October 2010

The dry weather is now finally over and the sheep are no longer bleating at me begging for green grass. My lovely wild flower patch is over but goldfinches did take the opportunity to come in to eat the seeds of the knapweeds. They made a lovely tinkling sound as they chattered to one another. […]

A Snip In Time

1st of July 2010

Early June and a few hot days and the ewes are panting. Time to get their coats off! Because I have only two to shear, and I do not have a handy power supply, they get done standing up with a pair of scissors. It is a shame I do not sell the wool which […]

New Arrivals

1st of June 2010

Four little lambs are now skipping around the garden. Sally finally produced twin girls early one Saturday morning. When I arrived on the scene just before 7 o’clock the second one had just been born and was still wet, but the first was on its feet and dry. I cannot say that she is the […]

A Lady In Waiting

1st of May 2010

Spring at last and once again its lambing time. ‘Put the ram in on bonfire night and get lambs at Easter’ the old saying goes. Well, I got twins just before Easter but I am still waiting for Sally. Katy, the oldest ewe, is a very good mum and rather conveniently nearly always has her […]

Fishy Goings On

1st of April 2010

The first day of spring (2 March, in case you missed it!), warm sunshine, just the day to tidy up down by the wildlife pond. The grasses that grow just back from the waters edge got knocked about by the snow and leaves have gone into the water. A bit of fishing with a net […]

Ups And Downs

1st of March 2010

Although the snow has gone now the bird table and feeders are still busy. A constant stream of blue tits, great tits, and coal tits come to feed on peanuts, sunflower seeds and fat. My pair of robins like the dried meal worms that I put out along with the crumbs, while dunnocks feed on […]

The Big Freeze

1st of February 2010

Winters chill brings with it both delights and problems. The delights come in the form of wonderful scenery , different birds, close encounters with things in need of food, and, of course, tobogganing! The problems for us are the slippery surfaces and getting about; for the birds and wildlife it’s finding enough to eat and […]

Winter Magic

1st of December 2009

As you read these notes we are well into the long nights of winter and you are probably thinking of Christmas. As I take Ted, our Labrador, for his late night walk the cool night air is full of sounds, strange squawks, screams and hoots. Some creatures have things other than Christmas on their minds! […]

Autumn Mornings

9th of November 2009

The only good thing about the shorter days is that I am up and about nearer to day-break and get a chance to see the animals that tend to hide in full daylight. I have had some nice sightings of Roe Deer in the last couple of weeks as they grazed on the stubble at […]

Harvest Home

15th of October 2009

Finally at the beginning of September the grain harvest is all gathered in. In my younger days it was never finished until the middle of September and I never wanted to go back to school while the combine was still out. As I got older my father was not keen to send me back either;  […]

High Flyers

2nd of September 2009

At last, a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon! Today as we sat outside the Wendy House having tea there were dragonflies flying over the ponds. They have been few and far between this year and we have missed them. There were plenty of butterflies on the buddleias too. It has been a funny year for them […]

A Post Card From Devon

2nd of July 2009

I usually write my News Notes sitting at the dining room table glancing out of the window down to the wildlife pond, but today I am sitting in hot sun on a beautiful beach in South Devon casting my eyes over the rocks. In the last few days we have seen a common seal come […]