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Terry Simmonds

Harvest Thanksgiving Concert

1st of December 2011

To celebrate the Harvest Festival at St Paul’s Church on 16 October, Keith Beniston brought together the choirs of St Paul’s and Holy Cross churches to perform Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor. Soloists included Chipperfield’s own Rosie Clifford (soprano), Mark Denza (tenor), Christopher Wright (bass) and Helen Stanley (alto). A splendid orchestra accompanied the […]

In Your Garden This Winter

1st of December 2011

This is a good time for gardeners to make their plans for the year to come as days are now much shorter and colder. There are, however, many jobs to do when the weather permits. Outside water pipes and taps must be lagged to prevent freezing; water should be drained from pond pumps and fountains, […]

Chipperfield Horticultural Society Autumn Show

1st of November 2011

In spite of the very heavy rain and strong winds leading up to our Autumn Flower Show on 17 September, the village hall was full of wonderful flowers and produce.  With dahlias the size of dinner plates, asters, gladioli and numerous perennials and annuals, this year’s flower show was a great success.    With vegetables, fruit […]

Summer Concert In The Barn

1st of September 2011

Back in 1960 the sound of drums played by Peter Sellers was heard in the Barn of Chipperfield Manor House. On 9 July this year a very different sort of music was heard in the Barn when members of the choir of St Paul’s Church presented a unique Summer Concert to a packed audience. Church […]

Gardening This Summer

1st of July 2011

The elements have been very kind to gardeners this year. Although it has been on the dry side we did have rain in June and who knows what we will have in July and August. Attacks by slugs and snails have been less but caterpillars and bugs have been more active. Flowers and shrubs. There […]

‘feel The Spirit’

1st of July 2011

This work by John Rutter opened Chipperfield Choral Society’s Summer Concert on 21 May. Conducted by their musical director, Delia Meehan, the choir sang Howard Goodall’s ‘23rd Psalm’, (the theme from the Vicar of Dibley) and ‘The Magic Carpet’, a light hearted musical tour arranged by Paul Jennings and Fritz Spiegl. Soloist was Chipperfield’s fine […]

Gardening In June

1st of June 2011

What an incredible spring we have had this year! April was about its hottest and driest on record. With such low rainfall, we might be in for a hosepipe ban later in the summer so it is time to make sure that water butts are filled without delay. Flowers and shrubs. Hanging baskets, window boxes […]

Haydn’s Creation

1st of May 2011

Late in life Franz Josef Haydn composed his oratorio The Creation and for over 200 years this marvellous work has enthralled audiences the world over. On 12 March Chipperfield Choral Society performed the work in St John’s Church in Boxmoor, a church filled to capacity. Musical Director of the society, Delia Meehan, conducted the choir […]

Gardening In May

1st of May 2011

The gardening year reaches a peak this month with two great flower shows, Chelsea and Malvern – see last month’s Chipperfield News for details – long light evenings, two bank holidays and hopefully an end to night time frosts. Vegetables and fruit. Now is the time to sow the rest of the beetroot, carrots, spinach,swede, […]

Gardening In April

1st of April 2011

With the exception of tender annuals and perennials this is a good month for planting pot grown and container grown plants. Young plants benefit from early planting so that they have a long growing season in front of them. Vegetables and fruit. Sow carrots, parsnips, swede and turnips plus broad beans, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, […]

Gardening In March

1st of March 2011

A busy month in the garden as spring approaches. Fortunately, days are lengthening and the clocks will be changing soon to give us more daylight to tidy up. Vegetables and fruit. Get the ground ready for sowing later this month. Sow parsnips and early carrots on soil that has not been manured. Peas, broad beans, […]

Christmas Bells

1st of February 2011

Chipperfield Choral Society’s Christmas Concert, Christmas Bells, was presented in two performances to a packed St Paul’s church on 11 December. A highlight of the Christmas season for well over half a century, this season’s concert was no exception and was well enjoyed by all who were fortunate to attend. The choir performed a selection […]

Gardening In February

1st of February 2011

After the coldest December for a century and weeks of sub-zero temperatures the gardens are looking a bit sad. Some plants have suffered and there is a lot of catching up to do. Fruit and vegetables Pruning of apple and pear trees (not plums) should be done as soon as possible, removing any diseased and […]

Gardening In Winter

1st of December 2010

Gardening in winter With days getting shorter and colder we often think that there is nothing to do in the garden but there is much we should be doing. Vegetables and fruit. Winter digging should continue adding farmyard manure as necessary but not when the ground is frozen or sodden. This is a great way […]

Baptist Church

1st of December 2010

In all honesty, hand on heart, I can say I don’t like to be known. I refrained from using the word ‘celebrity’ or ‘to be famous’ because that would just sound crass. Over the last few weeks people have been coming up to me saying “saw you in the papers” or “nice photo in Chipp […]

A Choral Concert

1st of November 2010

St Paul’s Church was the venue for a wonderful Choral Concert on Sunday 3 October. Church Organist and Musical Director, Keith Beniston, took up the baton to conduct the St Paul’s Choir with additional singers and soloists whilst the organ was played for the evening by John Wyatt. The concert opened with a superb performance […]

Gardening In November

1st of November 2010

Autumn is now well advanced and leaves are falling everywhere. Days are really getting short and there is still a lot to do. Fruit and Vegetables. It’s time to lift the rest of the parsnips and to harvest Brussels sprouts and winter brassicas as they mature. Pigeons are getting to be a real problem with […]

Gardening In October

1st of October 2010

What a mass of colour there is in the garden this month! In the hardy border there are heleniums, Michaelmas daisies (asters), sedums and rudbeckias all in full flower with the begonias and fuchsias still a blaze of colour. Leaves are now beginning to show their autumn hues. With days becoming shorter, gardeners have a […]

Summertime Music

1st of September 2010

Music by Joseph Haydn was performed in St Paul’s Church on 19 June when Chipperfield Choral Society gave their Summer Concert. Haydn’s Insanae et Vanae Curae was followed by his Little Organ Mass, a fine performance with Nicholas King playing the church’s wonderful instrument. Our own Rosie Clifford, with her superb soprano voice, and Tom […]

Gardening In September

1st of September 2010

The gardens are full of flower this month with summer bedding looking good and the sedums, heleniums and Michaelmas daisies all looking their best. There are a lot of jobs to do this month …. Vegetables and Fruit. Keep up with watering runner beans until they stop flowering and watch out for Cabbage White caterpillars […]