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Mary Nobbs

The Manse 1909-2009

9th of November 2009

One hundred years ago in 1909, the Baptist Minister moved into his new home, built next to the Chapel at the foot of Blacksmith’s Hill, in The Street. The land for the Manse had been acquired in 1905 at a cost of £40, but it was not until 1909 that construction was to commence. Prior […]

Past Hollyberry Fairs

9th of November 2009

Around 1950 Christmas Bazaars were held in the Church Institute on Wednesday afternoons, perhaps to coincide with half-day closing. By 1955, when Gerald Lane was vicar, the Church Magazine was advertising the Holly-Berry Fair, which took place on a Saturday. Can you remember back to the 1950s? What were the early fairs like? Audrey Robinson […]

The Haysman Family

9th of November 2009

Following publication of the October issue, a lady (possibly Mrs Williams?) telephoned regarding the Haysman family, but unfortunately the message left on the answering machine was difficult to hear. We would very much like to hear from you so please could you telephone again – Mary Nobbs 01923 269480.

Cock Fighting Pits In Chipperfield Fact Or Fiction?

15th of October 2009

Chipperfield Within Living Memory PLEASE – we need your help to locate the exact site of the pits used for cock        fighting in the village.  Did your parents or grandparents tell you anything about them? Do we have a site of historical importance in Chipperfield which merits recognition? If you do have any information, please […]

Chipperfield In The Second World War

15th of October 2009

Following on from the booklet ‘Chipperfield in the First World War’, Andrew Nobbs is now collecting information for a future publication about those men and women who served in World War Two. Eight men from Chipperfield were to die for their country and over 200 more men and women served in the armed forces.  Others […]

Our Village Through The Ages

2nd of September 2009

Over the week-end of June 27/28 a wonderful exhibition took place in the Village Hall to mark its centenary year. Richard Edwards, Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, thanked all those who had helped in the preparation and organisation of the event and then invited the Deputy Mayor of Dacorum, Cllr. Roger Taylor, to declare […]

Mobile Police Office

2nd of April 2009

Church Car Park, The Common, Tuesday 7 April 11am-1.30pmand Wednesday 22 April 1pm-3pm Services offered are crime and accident reporting, cloned credit cards, lost/found property, crime prevention advice, reports of abandoned vehicles, unoccupied premises notifications, advice on criminal law, recruiting enquiries – and most other matters that people would visit a police station for.Come and […]

Village Hall Centenary

2nd of March 2009

1909 – 2009 The Blue Rhythm Boys In the Second World War the quiet life of Chipperfield changed with the arrival of the American forces at Bovingdon airfield and the billeting of soldiers from the British Tank Corps with local families when they were stationed in the village. One of the billets was that of […]

Village Hall Memories

2nd of February 2009

This year the Village Hall Committee is making plans to celebrate the centenary of the opening in 1909 of the Village Institute as the Hall was originally named. To make it a really interesting village event, we need your assistance please. • What are your earliest memories of events in the Hall? • What events […]

Thanks To All The Chipperfield News Deliverers

2nd of December 2008

Happy Christmas and many thanks to all my trusty Chipperfield News deliverers !It is an amazing fact that almost every household in Chipperfield has Chipperfield News delivered to their door every month!This would not be possible without the dedication of the many unsung, unpaid heroes who trudge round the village popping a News into every […]

Our Village At War

2nd of December 2008

On the evenings of Friday 7 and Saturday 8 November, a total of 228 local residents came to the Village Hall to learn the fate of the Chipperfield men who had served in World War 1. Many in the audience were the sons, daughters, grandchildren or family members of the 169 men who joined the […]

Jim Pritchard 1922 – 2008

2nd of December 2008

James Francis Pritchard – known to all as Jim – was born on 1 November 1922 at Tuffs Farm Chipperfield, where he lived all his life.He was the middle child of three born to Edith & Frank Pritchard. His older sister Mary also lived in Chipperfield for all but her last few months. His younger […]

Organ Music In St Pauls

2nd of September 2008

The current restoration work on the organ at St Pauls prompted me to research into the history of organ music at our church.1838: The church was dedicated, but there was no mention of an organ.1845: About this time, Joseph Bunyan, who was a master tailor set up business in the corner shop adjoining the Two […]

Serving King And Country In The Great War 1914-1918

2nd of May 2008

In November this year it will be 90 years since the end of World War 1 and Chipperfield will be marking the occasion with a presentation in the Village Hall on the 8 November.Year by year we listen to the list of the names that is read out at the Remembrance Day Service. Not being […]

Dacorums Museum Store

2nd of April 2008

Are you aware that Dacorum has a wealth of interesting local artefacts and memorabilia stored in a building in Berkhamsted, behind the Civic Centre and that you are able to visit on a monthly ‘Tuesday Tour at Two?To book a tour, please call Dacorum Heritage Trust on 01442 879525 or you can contact them by […]

Dacorum's Museum Store

2nd of March 2008

Did you know that Dacorum has a wealth of interesting local artefacts and memorabilia stored in a building in Berkhamsted, behind the Civic Centre and that you are able to visit on a monthly ÔTuesday Tour at Two’? To book a tour, please call Dacorum Heritage Trust on 01442 879525 or send an e-mail to […]

Chipperfield Within Living Memory

2nd of February 2008

90th Anniversary of the End of the Great War2008 marks the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War. A MEMORIAL EVENT telling the story of the Chipperfield people who were involved is being planned for Saturday 8 November in the Village Hall.The names of the 37 local men and boys who gave […]

A Walk Around Chipperfield Common

2nd of February 2008

A small illustrated booklet entitled A Walk Around Chipperfield Common in the Reign of Queen Victoria has been published by the Parish Council. Copies priced at 75p are available at Blackwells, Chipperfield Larder, the Post Office Stores and StanleyÕs Store.The booklet originated with material prepared by Mary Nobbs to support the work that St PaulÕs […]

Chipperfield Within Living Memory

2nd of December 2007

NEW LAMPS FOR OLDThe fact that St Pauls Church was closed for most of the first 3 weeks in October this year whilst the lighting system was up-graded, made me look at some earlier periods of maintenance and improvement work.It is difficult to believe that when the church was dedicated in 1838 by the Bishop […]

The Grove, Whippendell Bottom

2nd of October 2007

I recently came across a photocopy of an interesting article entitled Kings Langley, Chipperfield and Cherry Trees, written by Jean Tearle. I have so far been unable to identify the source of this article, but am hoping that Jean would be happy to share with you that part of the story that relates to Chipperfield. […]