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John Clark

A Reply From The Rudolph Steiner School

8th of January 2006

I just got a reply from the Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley to my email (above). It certainly throws light on the subject, and I am thanking them for taking the trouble, and I’m telling them that I do remember Miss Cross (a great name for a teacher). and my memory of her is […]

Rudolph Steiner School Say They Opened In 1949. Wrong

12th of December 2005

I just noticed from the Chipperfield site map the website of the Rudolph Steiner School in Kings Langley. I tuned in. They say they opened in 1949. Wrong! So I sent the following e-mail to the principal (ok, so it’s Sunday today). “Excuse me, but I and my sister went to your “Green School” (aka […]

My Chuckle For The Day

10th of December 2005

I just got a message at my website from the daughter of Lew Channer, mentioned previously. In her message, here unaltered, she said “Hopefully you are the same john clark who mentioned my Dad in a recent posting on the message board in Chippefield on line. If you are then please be assured that […]

Ok Chipperpudlians, Now Hear This

28th of March 2005

Since I fooled with my Sunday afternoon contributions to this site back in June of last year, and finding it pleasurable, I got to thinking I would accept the challenge of a brand new way of expressing myself. It’s called “blogging”, and it’s only available on the Internet. A new way of organizing one’s thoughts, […]

Another Chipperfield Memory

15th of August 2004

I’m disappointed frankly, nobody alive from the forties era? Hmmm! Well, I think I shall write another Chipperfield memory now because to be honest, it’s Sunday, I’ve got nothing better to do, and besides, I quite enjoy thinking about it. So, I was living on Wayside, which I see still exists. (It’s amazing what you […]

Reminiscences Of Old Chipperfield

30th of June 2004

I grew up in Chipperfield, first in a little caravan on Farmer Jones’s field at the other end of the Common, past the big ancient chestnut tree. The year was 1943. My Dad sitting bent over the radio trying to catch up with the latest observations of Lord Haw Haw, who he believed retailed more […]