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Tina monk

Please contact me Tina been trying to get in touch with the family for years now have friends in bovingdon

December 8, 2019

I’m interested if anyone has information about Chipperfield FC that played 1949-1951 in the Metropolitan League.

The club ceased during the 1950/1951 season.

I can be contacted on

Thank you.

May 30, 2018
Deborah McPeake

Hi – my family lived (many years ago) in a bungalow called Hill Croft in Chipperfield and I wanted to ask if anyone knew what road this was on? They were possibly the first owners of it and it would have been built in the 1930s. Thank you, I think this may be a long shot question!!

January 17, 2018

I am researching my family history and remember my Mum and Dad taking me to meet Mimie Simmonds, who was a Great Great aunt of mine, at the Chipperfield Nursery (Mimie being a Grand Daughter of Harvey Green – Gamekeeper at Moor Park and then Landlord of The Stag in Heronsgate. If anyone knows what happened to Mimie’s ‘archive’, I would love to hear from them. Thank you.

October 9, 2017
paul mitchamson

I am trying to trace a young lady I went out with in 1969 called Deborah Ray who previously lived at 9 Archer Close Kings Langley. I believe she has since moved to Chipperfield sometime around the early seventies. If anyone has information regarding her present situation I would be most grateful.

May 3, 2017

My cat millie has gone missing from Havensfield Chipperfield, shes black and white. Can everybody please check sheds garages etc. If you see her please call me 07738068452

January 4, 2017
Mike Healing

On my latest visit to this website I have just read the October issue of Chipperfield News and came across the advert for ‘Hollyberry Fair’. Now in my 66th year, and having moved north in 1975, this provided a nostalgic link to my childhood in the village in the 50s/60s. I am pleasantly surprised that this tradition has survived!

Mike Healing

September 27, 2016
Samantha ward

Hi Charlotte I think this May be my sons birthday card I was staying with my mum in tower hill for my sons birthday , and was expecting a card from a friend up north it never arrived, my mum stays at number 41 tower hill, if you still have the card would be great if you could post it or I can get my mum to collect, many thanks.
Samantha ward

January 29, 2014

Birthday card addressed to MASTER H WEIR misaddressed and delivered to our house on Tower Hill. Can anyone help with the rightful owner? Contact Charlotte on 01442 831970.

January 7, 2014
susan( young) needham

I am trying to find my friend, Diane Lees, she did marry at gentleman called Gary. we were at school together and worked at the Two Brewers Inn. She lived with her family on Scatterdales Lane. She had two sisters Amanda and Penny. We lost touch due to my husbands service in the army.

November 18, 2013
Colin Chamberlain

Hi Gloria
I would recommend you look at this site which provides details of local sightings of birds. I hope it helps

November 7, 2013
Gloria Sweeney

I have just purchased a wonderful new pair of binoculars while at Cley Marshes Norfolk, I now need places to watch birds in this area – can anyone help with this? Thank you

October 14, 2013
John Dickinson

Having just discovered this site and read Mrs M’s comments above, may I put forward a different view.
The banner in question was far from lovely, it appeared to be an advertisement for the Boot pub attached to a hedge. I remember thinking at the time whether it was right that a local business should be hijacking a village event that is always held on the common.
The Parish Council perform many valuable services for the village, only one of which is to protect our village from a plethora of ugly advertising signs that would otherwise appear.
The councillors are genuine people who want to give something to the village, and are prepared to stand up and be counted. They deserve our thanks for this and not ill-informed abuse.

October 11, 2013
Mrs M

I have just driven up Tower Hill and noticed that the lovely banner advertising the Chipperfield Village Day has disappeared. On further investigation is appears that the rather over zealous people at the Parish Council have decided that having the banner on the corner contravenes planning law.
This beggars belief – are these people real?
The banner is advertising something that is of interest to the people of Chipperfield and will benefit the people of Chipperfield so why insist on taking it down. Is that not what the Parish Council are supposed to do – ie. work for the benefit of the village?
I, for one, am disgusted that these Parish Council people think that they have the God given right to behave in this disgraceful way.
From checking my council tax bill I can see that we pay for their existence – what a total waste of money. What we are paying for are a few geriatric old dinosaurs to stick their nose in matters that are no concern of theirs simply because they have nothing else to do!
I will be lobbying Dacorum to make the Parish Council contribution voluntary – that will give an indication of how unpopular these people are!

July 3, 2013

Can anybody on this webpage or in the Parish council shed any light on when BT Openreach will install fibre into the village. I have lived in the village since August 2012, and the promised date has slipped back and back and currently states ‘earliest June 2013’. A BT Openreach cabinet on the edge of Kings Langley is clearly marked with “Super fast broadband is available here” – only a couple of miles away from Chipperfield.

I understand that the Parish council may have some control over planner consent for a new / adapted by the road side cabinet. Is this true and what is the status? Is the Parish council blocking any planning application by BT Openreach?

I am simply trying to find out what the issues may be from all involved and/or affected.

February 14, 2013
Carol johnson

Hello all,

Our lovely Black & White cat Lola is missing from tower hill area since 6/2/2013. She’s short haired and quite small. Her body is mainly black but she has a white chest and a white patch down the middle of her face. She doesn’t wear a collar but is chipped. Shes quite shy so likely to run if approached. Her sister is still at home and missing her terribly. We’d be very grateful if you would check sheds, outbuildings etc in case she has got trapped in somewhere (she’s very nosy!)

If you have seen her, or have any news, good or bad please contact carol or Sarah on 01442 833979. Thank you

February 13, 2013

Hi all we have lost our dog today black white and brown trail hound called bud. 07831390033. Thanks.

December 22, 2012

I switched from BT to O2 like and broadband last week, and have 3MB edging to 4 – twice the BT offering. (Nunfield)

September 24, 2011

Have no problem with iplayer in scatterdells lane, get average 2mb with BT Broadband

August 9, 2011

Does anyone have internet access that is good enough to watch the BBC iPlayer without stop and starts and who is your provider?

July 18, 2011

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