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Chipperfield News is a village newspaper published with ten issues per year. The issues are monthly, except at Christmas and in summer when the December/January and July/August issues are combined, respectively. Circulation, currently 1450, is limited to the village of Chipperfield, though advertising is taken from the surrounding area.

Advertising related to Chipperfield News may be taken up in three ways:

  1. Primarily, in the newspaper itself, usually on a subscription basis paid in advance.
  2. As a one issue insert, provided complete by the advertiser.
  3. On the Chipperfield Village Website.

Newspaper Adverts
Each issue has four A4 pages of black and white advertising, either of text or design submitted by the advertiser. Adverts are normally sold at a standard cost by area, defined by column width (63 mm) and row height (22 mm). There is a one off standard set up charge. Advertisers are encouraged to take a subscription for ten issues, one year, at a time. Agreement may be made for new customers to subscribe initially for five issues.
Payment is in advance.

Standard Costs
Initial set up cost: £10 (Currently free if no major set up required)
Unit area (1 column x 1 row): £5 per issue

Special Locations (e.g. Masthead / back page): By negotiation.

Single sheet up to A4 in size.
1450 copies required (current circulation), designed and printed by advertiser.
Inserts to be delivered to Chipperfield News sorted into set numbers as required for current distribution (discuss with Distribution Co-ordinator).
Cost: £50 per issue (Updated)

Chipperfield Village website includes a Business Advertising page. The page is further broken down to cover different business activities.
Potential new advertisers may opt to pay £40, one time, non refundable, to hold their name and telephone number in the appropriate section of the business page until space
becomes available in Chipperfield News.
Once accepted for Chipperfield News, the customer is entitled to have an enhanced advert showing more details of their business, at no extra cost.
Should the customer withdraw from advertising in Chipperfield News, the enhanced advert will be withdrawn, reverting to name and telephone number.

Chipperfield News Contacts
Advertising Contacts can be found online here or refer to the back page of a current issue of the Chipperfield News, available at
most outlets and pubs in Chipperfield.

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