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1st of December 2014

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and many thanks to all the deliverers of Chipperfield News. You manage to reach every house in Chipperfield through rain, hail and shine, an amazing feat!

Special thanks go to David Bell who, for as long as I can remember, has delivered to the Croft estate, and welcome to Fay and Mick Dent who have taken on this huge task.
Thank you also to Brian Parry for all his hard work and to Tia Gordon for taking over part of Rosemarie Wakeham’s patch in Tower Hill. Sadly, Margaret Walker is moving away from Chipperfield so can no longer deliver to her eleven neighbours but has found Martina West to replace her. Thank you Martina; I look forward to meeting you!

Happy New Year and happy delivering!
Popsi Stokes

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