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Baptist Church

1st of December 2014

There is something about a small baby that will melt the heart of even the toughest of human beings. In fact, it can be astounding the levels of choochy coos that emanate from the foulest mouth when faced with those big wide eyes and gurgling lips. Even I can descend into gooiness when a small hand grips a little finger in acceptance and vulnerability.

Now for us, vulnerability is not a state in which we like to find ourselves. We believe it is not a position of strength, it is a weakness to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is an endearing attribute in a small child but we also recognise it as a lack of power and that is not what we, as adults, want to emulate.

The arrival of God in Jesus Christ was an act of vulnerability. It is even more astounding given that God is the most powerful, holy and creative person we know. So to allow Himself to be vulnerable is an act, in our eyes, of sheer folly. However, it does not stop there. All through His life Jesus accepted His vulnerability. He was God made flesh, yet did not use that power to dominate or rule over, but to serve those on the margins of society. He ate with those in pain and touched those whom no one else dared to approach.

The final act of vulnerability was to take the road that led to the cross. Jesus, with humility and fully vulnerable, took the passive path to death. That ultimate deed began in a helpless babe and ended with the vulnerability found in grace and forgiveness. Enough to cover every misdemeanour. If we would only realise that in vulnerability there is found the real power. That would change our perceptions of weakness and give us the strength to accept who we truly are. Forgiven and really worth something indeed. Merry Christmas.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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