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Our Village Amenties

1st of October 2014

It would seem that we might have lost our butcher’s shop in the village. A shop which perhaps we have taken for granted over the years – always there when needed; always easy to walk to or to park outside. It therefore came as a shock to most people to suddenly find it was no longer there. Maybe this is the ideal time to remind everyone that we could be in danger of losing our other shops and meeting places unless WE SUPPORT them. Imagine not having a post office, a convenience store, newsagent, delicatessen or even a local village pub!

Having spoken to Bipin (our Postmaster) on several occasions, he has always said that he does not expect us to do all our shopping in the village. However, he does ask that we make an effort to look around to see what is available; it may surprise us to see what the shops stock and the often favourable prices. There are also the added services they offer, for example, collecting and returning all our online shopping parcels; withdrawal of cash and even foreign exchange, all at the Post Office. As we get older it will become more difficult for us to get out of the village to shop and it will be then that we will expect them to be there for us.

It is also worth remembering that having a well serviced village with a Post Office, convenience stores and pubs increases the value of our homes. Not all villages are as fortunate as we are.

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