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1st of September 2014

A feast with the Morris Men
On a very warm Saturday evening in July I was invited to join the Morris Men at their annual feast here in the Village Hall in Chipperfield. We started off with drinks in St Paul’s School at 7.15pm and then sat down in the Village Hall at 7.45pm for the feast, and what a feast it was! I sat next to Chris Benson who proposed a loyal toast. The feast menu was: tricolore veg pate and home baked rolls; chicken cacciatore or melanzane parmigiana, new potatoes, broccoli, carrots, courgettes; strawberries with cream and home made shortbread PLUS cheese and biscuits and coffee and, of course, mints. It was a great evening. Some of the Morris Men did a few songs and there were a few short speeches. Then they passed round the Loving Cup from which we all had to drink. There were four groups of Morris Men: The Greensleeves, The Anker Morris Men, The Dolphin Morris Men and The Great Yorkshire Morris Men.
What a brilliant evening! I hope I get invited again next year. Moreen Wheeler

Change of Guard at Chipperfield Mews
Readers may have heard already that two members of our Committee have recently retired. Frank Baker has co-ordinated and edited the Unity pages of our Churches in Chipperfield for the past seven years. We thank him for his leadership and contribution during that time. Graham Breen has been our proof reader for almost eighteen years when he and Anne moved here from Cambridge. We thank them both for their input.

We are pleased to welcome two well known villagers who have agreed to succeed them, namely, Chris Pinney as Editor of the Unity pages and Stephen Morrill as proof reader.
Richard A. Edwards Chairman of Chipperfield News

On behalf of the people of Chipperfield, would like to thank Anne Waine and Frances Onians, Keith Dawson and Mary Nobbs for arranging the Vigil and Service on Monday night 4 August to commemorate the 100 years since the start of WW1. A most moving and appropriate occasion and display.
Richard Edwards

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