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1st of February 2014

The parish council is in the process of developing its own dedicated website with an overall objective of making the council more open and accessible to the community as a whole. There will be no material change to the Village website other than the content of the current Parish Council section. We have recognised a number of shortcomings within the existing website that makes it difficult for the council to make changes or keep data up to date and relevant. Having its own dedicated site will give the council more control and provide the community with access to all up to date council business and activities. There will be identified areas of responsibility, agenda and minutes of committee and full council meetings along with all relevant contact detail. It is not planned to incorporate an open forum which is to remain on the Village website; however, there will be a more structured and monitored complaints procedure. We have taken account of known needs of the community but during the development phase we welcome any further suggestions for incorporation. Please address any suggestions by email or letter to the Clerk to the Council. We believe that the introduction of a dedicated website will improve communication and enable the council to serve the community more effectively. Access to the site will be by direct web address or via a link from the Village website. The targeted date to go live is 1 March 2014.
Harry Laverac,Chairman, Chipperfield Parish Council

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