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World Challenge Adventure 2013

1st of December 2013

2013 has gone down as my most memorable summer to date. In July I was lucky enough to travel with my school, St Clement Danes, to Nicaragua and Costa Rica for a month. I had raised the money through various activities and the Chipperfield Village Committee generously gave me a donation.

The trip involved community activities; building a school in the mornings and teaching English to the local children in the afternoon. We had to mix the cement by hand and put together the metal cages that formed the foundations which was hard work. Taking turns to be leaders for the day made it more challenging as we had to keep the whole group in order. The children were fun to work with as all were keen to take part in our classes and games. It was a shock to see the differences between my school and theirs giving me a new sense of perspective.

What followed was a trek through the tropical jungle walking over 50km in four days. We traversed challenging terrain, including scaling cliffs with abseiling ropes. At the summit was the source of a river and I enjoyed wading down through it ending up on a tropical beach with incredible views. I also loved the wildlife; we saw sloths, spider monkeys, and crocodiles.

I have learnt so much about different cultures, and the beauty and diversity of our planet was inspiring. I have also learnt that I can be resilient, solve problems, and lead others. I recommend everyone to go on an adventure like this.
Ellie Masters-Gregory

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