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Poppy Appeal 2043

1st of December 2013

The shops and pubs in the village which have a special Poppy Appeal tin throughout the year have raised in those All-Year tins an amazing £473.71. Many thanks to those who have these tins on their counters and, of course, to their generous customers. The collection taken at the firework display was £651.84 and we are extremely grateful to the organisers for having given us this opportunity to supplement the normal poppy collections. The house-to-house collectors, who go out time after time in all weathers, deserve special gratitude. The amounts raised by the churches, shops and pubs, as well as the house-to-house collectors and the church collection were all higher than last year, thus bringing the total from all these efforts to £6124.88 for which we would like to thank all our generous contributors.

My particular thanks to Mark Jarrad for his invaluable computer and accounting skills.
Helen Harmer, Poppy Appeal Organiser

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