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Chipperfield Men And Women Who Served In Ww2:  an Update

1st of December 2013

After four years our researches are as complete as they are going to be. We have been in contact with hundreds of people and information has come from all over the country and from many different parts of the world. People’s response to letters, telephone calls and emails has been tremendous and we would like to thank everyone concerned for their support.

An additional chapter in the book about the Home Front describes how village life was affected by the war and the contributions made by the villagers to the war effort.
Proof reading and editing the text takes a long time and just when we think we have got it right, the need for further changes pops up on the pages. Anne King has most generously agreed to set out the text and photographs in an attractive format in preparation for the book to be printed, but it is a time-consuming job and she will dedicate more of her time to this task in the new year. She is hoping that the book will be available by Easter 2014, so we have our fingers crossed. More information will be circulated in the new year.

The book will be a large volume and, if possible, will have a hard cover, so the cost will not be cheap.. Any sponsorship help to support the publication of this worthwhile village project would be much appreciated.
Please contact Mary Nobbs: 01923 269480

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