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1st of December 2013

I am absolutely positive that I get more negative the older I get. Yes, I know that is an oxymoron but it is still true. I can’t seem to help myself and even if I laugh it off there is still that air of doom lurking in the background. I think I am becoming aware that nothing is new under the sun. That Déjà vu is all too familiar to me. Of course, I have not seen everything there is to see and certainly I have not experienced everything there is to experience, but I am aware that in my progression around the clock I don’t need to fuss about things so much.

Interestingly, my very demeanour does cause others to shout foul and point out that I do fuss because I won’t stop moaning about things. Ah well, rest assured nothing ever changes; it is as it always has been. Well, of course, it’s not and you knew that I would drag myself from the host of clichés quicker than a rat up a drainpipe.

Christmas changes everything; well, everything we hold dear anyway. The order of life is opened to a force far greater than we can imagine. Our expectations are revealed as not being as enlightened as we think and, to cap it all, we aren’t as self-sufficient as we lead others to think we are. In short, the birth of ‘God with us’ shows power in weakness, that we can expect more from our lives than we thought, and self-sufficiency is not a state we have or should wallow in. No! Each Christmas gives us another opportunity to see life as it should be seen and this year I am determined not to moan, “that things are not the same as they used to be”.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse.

Your Needs – Our Prayers
When you just can’t see what to do! Or life seems to be overwhelming you? We are happy to pray for you!
On Friday mornings at 8am we pray in the Baptist church for the needs of the community of Chipperfield and beyond.
We want to do this because we believe God answers prayers and is always ready to do great things.
Be sure that even if you want to give names, everything shared will be in strictest confidence.
Call: 01923 270664 – ask for Jason
Text: 07808 155470 (texts will be deleted once prayed for).
Or slip your request under the front door of the baptist church.

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