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Autumn’s Romance

1st of December 2013

Where does the time go? The mild weather and a late autumn and things have crept up on me. It was nearly bonfire night and I hadn’t arranged a ram for my ewes! A lonely hearts email, on their behalf, to a friend soon sorted things out and my girls now have a fine beltex ram for company. He had had a tussle with a Wiltshire horned ram and came off the worse so a quiet life with Doris Day and Annie Oakley is good all round. The girls seem rather unimpressed at the moment but he has decided to make the most of himself by sitting on the highest point in the pen. This bump in the paddock was, in the years before the dustmen called in Scatterdells Lane, a dell where rubbish was dumped. When my late husband and I rebuilt and moved in we started to cap it with any spare soil we had and after the wildlife pond was dug it became a mound. It’s just the place for Tex to strut his stuff!

A few colder nights might make more of the trees shed their leaves. The beeches on the Common were beautiful in bright sunshine this morning, 10 November, but the oaks were still quite green. It was a very late spring this year but I think autumn has been getting later for the last few years.

What will winter bring? As ever, I am dreaming of a White Christmas… any one for a game of snowballs?
Merry Christmas,Wendy Bathurst

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