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Snow White

1st of December 2012

With only a few weeks of rehearsals left, we are fast approaching that exciting time of year – Yes! It’s the Village Pantomime. This year Chipperfield Theatre Group are performing their own version of Snow White from 17-19 January with what seems like a cast of thousands. Rehearsals are always lively with twenty two children outnumbering the adult cast and appearing as woodland animals, the envy of Spring Watch! Added to which the dwarfs are definitely starting to morph into their fictional characters making coffee breaks hilarious. As usual, the backstage and technical crew are doing wonders with creating a set with a ‘wow’ factor and all will be revealed by the end of the first half. Our regular audiences know how quickly the tickets sell out and for those of you who have never been to a CTG production you can call 07873 840445 to find out Box Office details. So, if you happen to see a group of strangely dressed characters strolling through the village carrying a pick axe on their shoulders and whistling a happy tune, don’t be alarmed, it’s probably the dwarfs off digging for treasure in a mine near you!

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