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Roman Catholic Church

1st of December 2012

Wearing our poppies with pride and attending Remembrance Services fits well into the Holy Souls month of November when we remember and pray for those who have died.

On 1November, the feast of All Saints, Fr. Terry reminded us of Vatican II’s emphasis. Sainthood is not for specially holy people; all are called to be saints. Every normal, ordinary human soul is called to see the face of God. There are no degrees of sainthood; no class or caste system. St John writes, “a huge number, impossible to count, of people from every nation, race, tribe and language”.

So, being called, how are we doing?
Perhaps this New Year we could think beyond the usual resolutions to improve our health or appearance and resolve to take a tiny step nearer the saints by making space for quiet, for prayer, for reading the scriptures.

This Christmas Fr. Terry is changing the Christmas tradition! But how to word it? Everyone will understand what is meant by, “Midnight Mass will be at 7.30pm on Christmas Eve” but it still sounds odd. Seemingly, this change has worked well in other parishes, especially suiting families with children.

On Christmas morning masses will be as normal at 9am and 11am.
This brings back memories of how thrilled we all were at the first ever service in our lovely new church. Father Des saying Midnight Mass, and the smell of still damp plaster, the carols and beaming smiles!

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