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1st of December 2012

Playskill is a local charity for children with physical disabilities. Set up in 2006 by Andrea Clarke, a Paediatric Physiotherapist living in Chipperfield. It runs three sessions a week for children and parents with the specialist help of a Speech and Language Therapist, Debbie Hughes, also living in Chipperfield, and  Gillian (Popsi) Stokes, Occupational Therapist The charity also runs parents’ breakfast sessions with key speakers in relevant areas such as disability living allowance, blue badge advice, support for carers. It provides family and social events to help overcome the barriers experienced by families due to their children’s difficulties, and to bond the families with local support. Playskill has put in for funding from Children in Need to run two groups in Hemel Hempstead as there is now so much of a need for this group locally.

e-mail or call 01442 834438 (evenings) or 07572 465504 if you would like to help with local events or support Playskill’s development, or if you would like to access help.

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