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Nomination For Young Person’s Award

1st of December 2012

Nathan Caselton, 13, from Chipperfield, has been volunteering for Watford’s Vibe radio station for the past year. He hosts the live Saturday show from 10am until 2pm and pre-records the weekday lunchtime shows. He has been nominated for the Hertfordshire Young People of the Year award for his dedication to the station and charity work. Nathan, who attends Kings Langley School, said, “I am really into my music. I heard about Vibe so I went and had a look round and became a volunteer. I love popular music and I love R&B. I like Rihanna and Taio Cruz but my favourites are always changing. We have a set schedule but I can add the music I like to the set list. The shows are not just about music. We do a lot of talking about what is going on in the community; something I think is very important.” The budding radio presenter, along with the other volunteers from Vibe, also help out at community and Vibe Tribe charity events to help support the community. He added, “Community radio brings the community together. It is so important because without us people might not know what is going on and what events they can go along to”. Nathan is now in the running to win £800; half for himself and the other £400 for a good cause. Nathan will find out if he is one of the lucky ones at an awards ceremony next month. The YOPEY contest was created by former national newspaper journalist, Tony Gearing, to give the younger generation a fairer image and encourage young people to give to the community.

If you would like to tune in – Vibe 107.6fm Helen Caselton

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