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Local Amateur Artists

1st of December 2012

A group of local amateur artists held their first exhibition in the Small Hall on Sunday 16 September. It was so well received that they are determined to do it again; all they have to do is find the time to do some more paintings!

The hall looked really inviting. There were paintings on all sorts of subjects in all sorts of styles including oils, acrylics and watercolours, abstracts, pop art, military, portraits and animals and birds of all types. Visitors enjoyed watching an artist working to see how she actually achieved the finished effect.

I was simply in the back room providing the well received cream teas which encouraged visitors to the village to pop in to see the exhibition.

The artists had a lovely day and were delighted to be able to discuss their work with interested visitors. They were, of course, thrilled to have sold four paintings and received a couple of commissions, but were really encouraged by the comments they received from the people of the village. It was this above everything else that has encouraged them to do it all again and to hold another exhibition in Chipperfield.

They are already looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at their next show on Sunday 23 June 2013. Jane Whittles

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