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1st of December 2012

I can’t wait for New Year this year (or next year depending on your philosophical view). Not because I don’t want to have Christmas. That would be daft. The celebration of God with us. The tangible closeness of the almighty touching our lives with fresh hopes and continued expectation. No, that is not the reason I am looking forward to New Year.

What excites me is the unbounded optimism that some get from entering a fresh year with all its unrevealed promise and timeless possibilities. Because that is what we are like as humans, we hope. We hope it will be better, if this year has been difficult. We hope that it will be as good, if it has been a great year. We do not ever seem to be crushed by what has gone before but always look ahead to what is to come.

Now, I can be a grump sometimes and you only have to ask my family, wife or kids, doesn’t matter they will all say the same, but I might raise a glass in recognition of our limitless ability to rise above what we experience and hope for more than we can see. Why wouldn’t we celebrate this because that is exactly how God sees us. If we were to go back to the very beginning we would see that God made us like himself. Our drive and inexhaustible desire for something more than we can see comes right from the heart of God. Our need to know more than we experience is what spurs us to look outside of ourselves and hope for the future.

God in Jesus epitomizes all that is possible if we grasp hold of where we have come from. Because it is in Him that we can return once again to that place. A place where no matter what, next year will be better, next month will be great, next week will be unprecedented and even tomorrow may surprise us.

How about going into next year with a new companion?
Never mind God with us, how about God with YOU?
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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