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Your Garden In October

1st of October 2012

Autumn is approaching fast and October is one of the busiest months for us gardeners with nights getting longer and days getting much shorter.

The flower garden.
Start to plant up hanging baskets with pansies, primroses, dwarf shrubs and small leaved ivies. Plant window boxes and containers using pansies, primroses, small cyclamen and bulbs together with small conifers, ivies, ajuga, sedums, thymes, ferns, lonicera, euonymus, eucalyptus and sedges, a selection of which can be seen in the garden centre. Wallflowers, Canterbury bells and Sweet Williams can be planted soon.

Spring flowering bulbs.
Now is the time to plant daffodils, hyacinths and tulips in beds and borders. Crown imperial fritillaries, alliums and eremurus can be planted in hardy plant borders. Snowdrops and trilliums are quite suitable for shady spots. Dwarf narcissi and dwarf tulips, together with muscari, iris, crocus, ixias, anemone, dwarf alliums, chionodoxa, erythronium, leucojum, ornithogalum and hardy cyclamen can be used to good effect in rock gardens, sinks and containers.

Fruit and vegetables.
Fruit yields are well down this year but any apples still on the tree should be harvested and put into a cool store as soon as possible. Apply greasebands to the trunks of all fruit trees this month. In the vegetable garden rootcrops and the rest of the potatoes should be harvested now. Plant out early onion sets and the first of the garlic bulbs. Make a final sowing of radish and plant strawberries. Start digging as soon as possible, adding farmyard manure as you go. Where next year’s carrots, parsnips and rootcrops are to be grown, do not add manure.

The greenhouse.
As soon as the greenhouse has been cleared of it’s crops, fumigate with a sulphur candle and disinfect with Jeyes Fluid or Armillatox. The glass should be washed and bubble plastic insulation should be put up. Make sure that the heater is in working order. Start to bring in tender perennials such as fuchsias, pelargoniums, geraniums and dahlias.

The Lawn.
Keep up with mowing the lawn while the grass is growing. Then make arrangements for the mower to be serviced well before the grass starts to grow again next year. Now is the time to aerate and scarify the grass and to apply a good autumn turf fertilizer to help it face up to the winter. October is a good time to lay new turf and still time to put down grass seed.

The R.H.S. London Autumn Harvest Show takes place on 23 and 24 October in their hall in Vincent Square, Westminster. For details visit
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