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1st of December 2011

I am hoping this year that I don’t get caught in the traditional mad Christmas shopping experience. It starts with sitting in a traffic jam for about an hour, followed by driving around a gloomy and grimy multi-storey car park, trying to find, and admit it, praying for, a space. All this pain and anguish for the pleasure of squeezing through large, and some times interestingly fragranced, hoards to purchase something that no one really wants and certainly no one really needs. Am I getting the picture right? Am I really hitting your Christmas nail on the head?

I think in some ways my description does not go far enough. It can be hugely disappointing to experience Christmas. A bit of a let down? It never lives up to our expectations, whatever they may be? And given the present economic situation I would have thought things might feel even worse, even more frustrating, even more disappointing?

It maybe a cliché that ‘we don’t really know what Christmas is about anymore’ but we don’t, do we? In the end none of us can say why. Some say it’s all about the children, or family, or just getting together with the ones you love. But if that is right then why do we submit ourselves to the stressful, commercialised economic stampede? It maybe that we feel that is what is expected? Giving gifts is an obvious sign of love and affection but even more extraordinary is the giving of oneself. When surveys are done most participants value above anything else, spending time with those they love and, yes, even teenagers. So God did give us a wonderful gift but He didn’t traipse around the Harlequin Centre or battle against the crowds in the Marlowes. He gave us a clue to what is important, He gave Himself. A bit daunting to emulate but it’s worth giving it a try, don’t you think?
Love Jason The Man in the Manse

Church News
Sadly we were unable to go to North Mimms church for their Harvest celebrations in October. The Chiltern West Gallery Quire were singing for the service and we were sorry to miss them. However, they are coming to our church on 4 December to sing at 4pm which we are looking forward to and you will be very welcome to join us. There will be a tea afterwards.

On 9 October we celebrated the 174th anniversary of our church building, and Rev. Stephen Copson led the worship. Stephen is General Secretary of the Central Baptist Association to which we are attached.

Please note the diary dates for December and come, if you can, to any of those events, you will be most welcome. We also invite you to our monthly lunches, just contact Brenda on 01923 269574 to book your place. A report on the Believers Baptism service held on 27 November will be in the next issue.
A very happy Christmas to you all from the Baptist church family.

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