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Ken Ward

1st of November 2011

Ken Ward died peacefully on 31 August at the age of 96. He had lived in Chipperfield for 58 years. He and his wife, Thea, loved living in the heart of the village, enjoying all the comings and goings and the proximity of the Common, the Village Institute, St Paul’s Church, and the Library Van.
Ken and Thea’s love of travel was no secret as the village watched them come and go with their caravan. They bought their first caravan in 1958 and over the next 42 years explored all corners of Britain and visited all the countries of Western Europe.

In Chipperfield Ken worked quietly and effectively behind the scenes whether restoring the power during the W.I. drama group’s famous Hamlet production, managing Council and General elections for the local Conservative Association, ensuring the smooth running of the annual Remembrance Day parade and service, or devising a frame for painting the lines on the village’s first public tennis court.

He was an engineer at heart and saw problems merely as challenges to be overcome. During WWII the combination of his engineering aptitude, a keen interest in wireless technology and a can-do attitude enabled him to make a significant contribution, first with the Royal Corps of Signals and subsequently with the Special Operations Executive. Amongst other achievements Ken found a way of listening to and locating German E-boats coming through the English Channel. Then he was responsible for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment to provide underground communication in the event of invasion which, in turn, led to him being seconded to SOE to design, manufacture and provide all the communication needs for the SOE personnel operating in the field – many thousands of wireless sets.

Ken’s funeral and burial took place at St Paul’s Church, Chipperfield, on Tuesday 13 September. Thank you to all who have conveyed their condolences to the family and for donations made in his memory to the Royal British Legion.
Kate Ward

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