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1st of November 2011

I had a really stimulating conversation with someone the other day and thought you might be interested to hear it. Simply put they were, in all seriousness, proposing that the day we celebrate the uncovering of the gunpowder plot, the day we are constantly told as a child to remember, the day we place effigies on great big piles of wood and set them alight, should be classed as a saint’s day. St Guy Fawkes Day. Yes, you read correct, St Guy Fawkes Day.
In some respects you can see why they might float this idea. Guy Fawkes was a devout man who strongly believed that what he was doing was correct. He accepted that in times of political and social upheaval, men must be prepared to do what is required. Fawkes expressed his faith in dramatic ways, no less effective for him than any other approach. But does that warrant a saint’s day? He for some could be described as giving his life for his faith.
Of course our conversation did not last that long because for most ears it is ridiculous to propose an event such as attempted murder as anything but terrorism. However, and there is always an however, is there not? One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,Guy Fawkes was fighting for freedom of faith. But to respond with violence with further, and sometimes greater, violence does not sound like an act of a saint.
When faced with the most horrendous and brutal acts of violence, when many with their feeble human minds believed they had eradicated a threat to their way of life, we were shown a far better way. Jesus Christ did not repeat the cycle of violence but broke it with love, compassion and mercy. Even during the brutal treatment the words heard from his lips were, “forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”. Days like that really should be celebrated, not acts of revenge and violence meted out by both sides.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Church News
Our Family Quiz Evening was great fun and a good time to meet up with friends and enjoy the competition! A light supper was consumed at half time and the evening raised £145 which we were delighted to send to Help for Heroes which helps forces personnel injured in Afghanistan.
The Harvest Thanksgiving was an all-age service, and folk very generously gave food and flowers which were made up into parcels and delivered to village folk. The offering was sent to Water Aid for their present project in Ethiopia.
We are looking forward to the Baptism of two of our young people on 27 November. Details will be announced shortly, so watch this space!
We do invite you to our monthly lunch, always a very relaxed friendly occasion with a home cooked meal. You would be very welcome! Just contact Brenda on 01923 269574 to book a place.

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