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1st of September 2011

I write this just before I am off on a short holiday and in the midst of not being too
well. Some will know I have been unwell for a number of weeks now and so my activity has been limited. First I want to thank the church for its support and all those
lovely people who have spoken encouragement and who have been praying for me; it is true in this instance that it is better to receive than to give because you don’t want to be given what I have had. These two events at first may not seem linked particularly, apart from the fact that they both involve time out or off. If only that were the case. I was guilty of not heeding the Doctor’s advice and did continue to try and do stuff during my illness. That obviously took its toll and things did not progress as quickly as first hoped. How many of us would admit to that? It seems to me that I have a little problem of who I am or how others judge me. Ok, a bit heavy I know but bear with me. Even during a time of illness I was determined to get stuff done. I felt useless and redundant when I had nothing to do or when I couldn’t do anything. Dare I say that I felt my worth was in what I could give, not in what I received? People wanted to encourage me and give of themselves because they cared for me, not because of what I could do. So if you hear nothing else hear this, your worth to God is you. Not because you can do something for him. Not because you are a good manager, cleaner, husband or… but because you are you. That takes some getting used to for many of us. Holidays are meant to be a chance to take time out from the norm but some of us equally fill them with activities and do stuff. I might this time just sit and do zilch. Psalm 46:10 reads “be still and know that I am God” you could add “be still and know that I love you for you and nothing else”. That might just be the best excuse in the world for doing absolutly nothing. I might just give it a try.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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