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Chipperfield Parish Council – An Opportunity To Join

1st of July 2011

Make a difference in Chipperfield

No previous experience is required. If you live in Chipperfield*, are aged eighteen or
over and would like to take a closer interest in the management and preservation of the
village, then you now have the opportunity to consider joining the Parish Council. The
Parish Council needs volunteers to be co-opted as Parish Councillors. Duties include
attending the monthly parish meeting and being prepared to spend up to an hour per
week on areas of interest, such as Highways, Footpaths, Allotments, Open Spaces,
Planning and Youth and Education and others. The Council has achieved considerable
success in these areas but there is more to do and interesting opportunities for those
who care about the Village.
If you would like an informal chat about the Council and the type of work we do, then
please contact the Clerk, Jo Deacon, who will arrange a meeting with the Chairman or
a fellow councillor. Tel: 01923 263310,
* Other qualifications include – If you have either during the whole of the twelve
months before the day of nomination or the day of election resided in the locality or
within three miles of it, or occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises, or had
your principal place of work there then you may qualify as a Parish Councillor.
Mike Bradshaw, Chairman, Chipperfield Parish Council

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