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1st of July 2011

If you do a search on the Wikipedia website for July you do get some interesting information. Several that caught my eye especially were the amount of wars, revolutions and battles that occurred during this month. Of course that could be true of any month and within the aggressive events there were others that marked more
auspicious occasions, such as the first international telephone call in 1881,1960 saw Ghanaian independence and the unification of Germany in 1990.
So why do we want to remember things? Why do we feel the need to mark these events? I would hope that not many of you would have wars, revolutions and battles to remember but you may have more positive things to mark. Births, and especially marriages, are a good starting point. We all go through our lives being touched by many, many situations and circumstances. They all shape us but we do not choose to celebrate them all. It seems I only mark those that have a huge effect on me. Much like the events
described above, they indicate something that has had an enormous impact on individuals or the world around us.
There is something that has had a very major impact on my life and could do for all of us. It is a record of situations and events that have shaped the world we live in and the lives of so many people. It speaks of a relationship yearned for and a desire to see people and situations transformed. A series of stories marked with despair and joy in equal measure. A great record of love found in war and peace. A love that was
willing to give everything. A love story? Yes, I would say so. Or even more, a love letter that has been read in times of suffering and happiness but a love story
nonetheless. If you haven’t got it by now, I am talking about the Bible. It is
all of the above and much more. Try it, I dare you!
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Church News
It was a lovely day for our May Fair but with a chill wind. Fewer folk than usual
visited us but almost £600 was raised for our church funds for which we are very grateful. Thank you to everyone who helped and to those who supported us on the day.
Please remember to book your places for the Family Beetle Evening on 23 July. which is always an enjoyable time; we’ll be pleased to see you. Also, you are invited to a Garden Party on 20 August from 2.30pm at ‘Sunset’, Dunny Lane where there will
be a Bring and Buy stall and cream teas!
Our Flower Festival is to be held at the end of August and we do invite you to share in thisspecial event with us. As you can see, we shall be busy for a while!
Our monthly lunches are open to anyone, so please contact Brenda on 01923 269574 if you would like to come.
On Saturday 24 September we will be having a Family Quiz Evening at
6.30pm. More about this in the next issue but please note the date in your diaries now.
The Baptist Church family wish you all Happy Holidays

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