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A Room Wit A View

1st of July 2011

When my mother moved into my granny annex at the beginning of April I pointed out
the wonderful view from her patio windows. Being at the top of the bungalow she
looks out onto the main ride and down to the wildlife pond and beyond. She was unsure
how much she would see, with 87 year old eyes, but I was confident it would help to
pass the time. About half way down the ride is a pathway made by animals as they
cross over. Years ago our son christened it the M1. From my windows it’s hard to see,
but not impossible, but mum has a front row seat. Although she cannot see the pond
too well, the M1 is well within sight.
She brought her bird feeder with her and we have put up a new bird box where we can
both get a good view. Nest boxes should never be put too near feeders as serious
territorial fights can break out, so the box is a little way down the ride and the feeder is right at the top. Bluetits soon took up residence in the box, although it was a bit late going up, and they have raised a good-sized family that dash around the apple trees so fast I can never count them. Mum and I have had lovely views of the great spotted woodpecker busy on the feeder, not to mention the long tailed tits and, mum’s favourites, a pair of jays.
All of her visitors have marvelled at the view and I realise how much I had taken it for granted in the last few years. Mum has got a better TV than me and so I have been
going to her room to watch Spring Watch. They had just been showing shots from a
camera on a badger set, and Chris Peckham had pointed out that it did not look very
active and said that he thought it unlikely there would be any live badgers that night,
when one crossed the M1! It was just past 8 o’clock and still broad daylight and we
had a wonderful view as it stopped to scent the air. Mum had never seen a live badger
before. I told her she has the best seat in the house.
Wendy Bathurst

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