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Lawn Mower With Legs

1st of June 2011

Four little lambs are now skipping round the garden, running races and using poor old
Katy as a trampoline. Sally, the mother of the last two, is not nearly so patient and will certainly not sit still while four lambs take it in turns to jump on and off her tummy. When her twins were born I thought I might end up bottle feeding them as she was not keen on letting them feed, but they were persistent and she seems to have got used to it now. I don’t think one could call her a good mum, just adequate!
Last year some rather magnificent Scottish type thistles came up in my wildflower
patch and goldfinches came to feed on the thistle down. I had been putting out niga
seeds for some time, hoping to attract them, without much luck but now they are
regulars, taking the seed now that the thistle down is over. The only problem seems to
be the number of big vicious thistle seedlings that are coming up all over the garden.
Nothing else seems to be germinating in my vegetable garden but these are every
where! They cannot all stay but I will leave some for the pretty red cheeked finches.
They were one of my late husband’s favourite birds, wearing Watford F.C’s colours,
yellow and black wings, with red faces. He loved their tinkling bell-like calls and their dancing flight.
The sheep have mown the ride for me; I had them right up to the terrace as it seemed
a shame to use the mower when little mouths could do the job. Another kind of weed
and feed really. The grass is not growing now, nor are the seeds in my veg garden. Oh,
for a good downpour!
Wendy Bathurst

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