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Baptist Church

1st of June 2011

If I was a betting man it would be odds on that at the end of April the phrase “great
weather we are having” was followed by “but we will pay for it later though” or “this
is probably our summer for this year”. Ah! It is comforting to know that we haven’t
lost our sense of fair play. That Great British corporate consciousness that all things
must be equalled out in the end. That when it comes to the crunch we are, as a nation,
able and very willing to take the rough with the smooth, the light with the dark and see the positive in any mishap. But honestly that wasn’t what we were thinking though was it? Yes, we enjoyed the sun while it lasted and basked in the rays, joyously
commenting on the fact that we were hotter than… (insert as applicable), but in the end we just couldn’t help ourselves from thinking that there was no way we would get
something for nothing. That eventually we would have to pay for our fortune. We
expected that this sudden bout of great weather would end up as a lousy summer of
hail, rain and thunderstorms. Or even when the summer still appeared to be good (as it
may well be at this moment) we will then get a terrible winter.
Well, I can’t help you with that I’m afraid. You will always think like that until you
realise that there are moments that you can get something for nothing, or at least not
get what you expect or deserve. That God in His wisdom and love, and without any
expectations of us, is willing to give us more than we ought to have. We could turn
around and comment that we will expect to pay for it eventually, but honestly that
really isn’t the case. Trust me, I’m a minister.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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