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Chipperfield, One Of Btitain’s Top 12 Villages

1st of May 2011

in Britain. The survey, carried out in conjunction with local estate agents around the country, asked questions in four categories which
they believe determine the character and desirability of a village, namely schools, transport, value and outdoor lifestyle. One of the
researchers further narrowed the criteria of a perfect village down to her seven Ps; pub, primary school, post office, parson, public
transport, phone box and petrol station. The article stated that the desire to move to a village is a potent one; a village can provide a
sense of community which is lost elsewhere. Our village, descibed in the article as a
‘pretty cluster of houses set around a large green and cricket ground with store,
butcher, three pubs and a garden centre’, was specially mentioned as one of three in
the best for schools category with 96% of year 6 pupils achieving level 4 and above in their English and Maths Sats last year.

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