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1st of May 2011

For someone who came to university later in life, I have been fascinated by the furore
surrounding the latest push from government regarding fostering opportunities for
those from less well off backgrounds. The quote on the BBC News website from Nick
Clegg goes, “no-one should get an unfair advantage because their parents have met
somebody at the tennis club or the golf club”. The phrase “it’s not what you know but
whom you know” is the one we know well and we have also experienced that come
true to differing degrees.
I am not going to enter the argument for or against in this instance but just to say that, hasn’t this always been the case? First of all, we are so very obviously shaped by “whom we know” from a very early age. The biggest influences are our parents and
the circumstances in which we have grown up. The “whom we know”, and our relationships with them, from parents to grandparents, from siblings to friends, have a huge effect on our character, our view of the world and how we relate to that world (warts and all). The “what we know” is swayed by the impact of “whom we know” and the way our character and life has been formed by them.
My life was changed when I came to know someone who looks at life from a greater
vantage point than mine; one who knows us all inside out and shows no regard for
himself but gives up all to give us the prospect of seeing life from a very different angle indeed. An angle that, when we are inevitably faced with the “what we know” not
being all that we would expect, enables us to respond to fear with faith, offer grace for resentment and choose hope instead of despair.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Baptist Church News

We all had a great time at our Family Quiz Evening held on 26 March attended by many friends and families which included children with ages ranging from babies to teens! The magnificent sum of £173 was raised which is being sent to Help for Heroes. Thank you to all those involved for your help and support.
Our next event is on 21 May when we have our MAY FAIR, see advert in this issue. It’s a time when friends meet to chat and enjoy our famous cream teas!
We hope to see you all there.
Our Emmaus services are informal and take a different form each time. They are held each month and you are very welcome to come and join us.
We would also welcome anyone who would like to come for our monthly lunches.
Contact Brenda:
01923 269574 to book a place.

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