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1st of April 2011

There are several events that I could mention that have happened over the last few months and many have had a similar theme. But the uprisings or revolutions that have gripped the Middle East have reminded me of the fall of communism and the fledgling democracies that sprang up after the Berlin wall was torn down. It is not surprising that what first appeared in Tunisia began to form in many other countries across that region and the call of the population for freedom has had a mind of its own. The sheer volume and intensity of the gatherings must have been quite something. The collective will of the people to come against years of hardship and fear has been breathtaking.
Some have been successfully nonviolent but, at the time of writing, some are not so and I can’t help but notice the worry in the faces of many leaders in the west. We are all told and know of our reliance on oil and it does seem that many decisions are made with reference to this need or to our advantage. This means that maybe our considered choices have not always been, well let’s say, honourable. Freedom comes at a price but that cost seems to be higher for some than others and we have chosen to be pragmatic at best, blind at our worst, in our dealings with those in charge who have not lived up to our standards?
The cost of freedom is actually a lot higher than we think. True, real and lasting freedom is not given to us by governments or man. The cost of freedom has been paid and paid in full. Easter tells us that it isn’t our own self- determination or anything bestowed on us from others that frees us but the death of Jesus Christ and his resurrection that actually takes the burden of anger, greed and selfishness from us. Freedom to live the life circumstances may seem otherwise. I wonder if those attributes may have a lot to do with why some in the west are worried about freedom in the Middle East. God only knows. All I know is at Easter, God in Christ, frees me from those worries and if God frees you are free indeed.
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

Church News
Our February monthly lunch was a great time of food and fellowship together and it’s great to have folk from all walks of life as well as different local churches joining us. We will be having a special Easter lunch this year on 9 April as we missed out on the Christmas lunch! If you would care to join us, please contact Brenda on 01923 269574 – you will be very welcome.
At the time of writing we are hosting the adult Alpha course in our church which has had a great response from those who attend.
Now we are looking forward to Easter when we hope to have an Easter Garden set up in the church. Then it will be all systems go preparing for the MAY FAIR which is to be on 21 May. There will be a report on our Family Quiz Evening in the next issue of Chipperfield News.
A very happy Easter to you all from the Baptist Church.

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