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St Paul’s School

1st of March 2011


On Friday 4th February 2011, Year 6 is having their sharing assembly. The assembly will take place at 2.50pm in the hall. The assembly will be about Britain since 1948, there will be short drama scenes of Lowry (the famous artist) and the days after the war. There will hopefully be some fantastic work that Year 6 have done and, when the time comes, they hope you have a wonderful time seeing it.

Fleur West.


Our school has been practising for rock challenge since October. We had to raise money for the challenge otherwise it would not go on. People made all sorts to raise money like cakes, biscuits, badges, and cards; we also chose to bring in old toys. We work really hard and have brilliant staff who have put their own time into making this performance amazing. We also have bright and amazing costumes. The dancing is very good and we can’t wait till the actual performance. It’s great fun and it’s good that lots of people are doing rock challenge, which makes it look much better. Shannon Oliver
SPORTS There has been a very good turn out on clubs this term. Recently, there has been a hi-five netball match against Pixies Hill. We played really well and won 7-1. There was a cross country match on the Saturday 21st January which a few Year 6s took part in,it was a really hard race. Mrs Smith very kindly organised for the previously successful Watford football coaches to come in so we are very thankful to the coaches and Mrs.Smith.

Bethany Holloway and Ria Spooner.


As winter still goes on. It seems to be the same, Every single day, As winter still goes on. It’s cold and wet, And spring isn’t here yet. As winter still goes on. As spring is late, We still sit and wait, As winter still goes on. One sunny day, Seems far away, As winter still goes on, and on, and on.

Athina Maneli

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