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Ros Holt 1952 – 2010

1st of March 2011

Sadly Rosamond (Ros) Holt who was well known and very active in Sarratt and
Chipperfield passed away on the 9 November following just under a year of
fighting two forms of cancer, which came from nowhere, and it is taking us all some time to come to terms with what has happened and to write this.
As a testament to her popularity and how much she meant to so many, over 450 people came to her funeral conducted very movingly by Father Terry Cantwell at the Catholic Church of Our Lady Mother of the Saviour which she regularly attended. Many will remember her fun and enthusiasm for life, all the parties and functions which she organised, her good will to all, she really was one of life’s givers, not takers, and we are proud to have been her family.
Ros was so greatly loved and cherished, always warm and welcoming with her
infectious beautiful smile and a special magic sparkle that drew everyone close to her. Her big heart enveloped all of us and she held us dear. Selfless, supportive, loving, caring, kind and funny she was at the very least, and she just loved to dance.
She was elegant and gentle but also loved to laugh and was full of fun. She had a strong partnership with Perry and together they provided a warm family home always open to everyone, which tells something of her genuinely kind nature.
She was born in 1952 in Kingsbury, North London, and lived with her Irish parents in Kilburn attending the local grammar school. She met Perry in 1969 and they were married on 11 August 1973 in Swiss Cottage followed by thirty seven happy years of Marriage. When they met she was working at Shoreditch County Court where she stayed until their eldest daughter, Rebecca, was born. After that she worked part time in the Kindergarden at York House School for a few years whilst Rebecca and Isobel were growing up, then in 2001 set up in business with Perry in Watford.
Ros was positive and brave throughout her illness for which we can be incredibly proud, and we have tried to carry that through and concentrate on the positives of her life, one of which is the fact that Ros almost died in a motor accident in 1977 but was so strong and came through it despite her serious injuries. We were also then later blessed by two wonderful daughters, Rebecca and Isobel, who were born in 1981 and 1989 respectively.
The family moved to Chipperfield in 1983 where she created a secure happy home and participated in a large number of activities in Sarratt where the girls went to school and Chipperfield where we live. Ros threw herself into village life arranging and helping in many things, such as functions at the schools, the SPA, Brownies, dancing and the shows with the girls at Carol Kristian, the poppy collection, Chipperfield Care, checking the electoral roll, helping to distribute Chipperfield News and Spotlight, participating in and organising Little Windmill Hill Road Committee functions and home parties; Ros was part of all of them.
During her illness we had some good times and great memories; weekends away, some special meals out, a holiday in Ireland visiting her dearly loved family, something which she always cherished, a week in Mallorca with close friends from Chipperfield and Isobel’s 21st in October, all special memories to treasure.
Ros has been described rightly by others as a stunning lady. She was a wonderful wife and mum, a friend to all, the love of Perry’s life and his best friend. We’ll always keep her close and may she rest in peace to watch over us all.
Perry, Rebecca and Isobel

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