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Baptist Church

1st of March 2011

‘March: An organised walk or procession by a group of people for a specific cause or
Of course there are many other definitions of ‘march’ and I won’t bore you with
the details here but this one in particular caught my eye. Why? Because there is a
sense of a shared purpose, a mutual experience and a collective will. How many
of us can say that there would be enough people we know that shared a purpose;
the knowledge that those involved are together in a common cause? Can we all
pinpoint an encounter we have had with a great number of others? The euphoria
and excitement that comes from such an occasion. Would we be able to express a
time when everyone seemed to be going in the same direction?
A lot of people are said to crave this type of experience, that desire of a common
bond and a community life. It is equally said that society is sorely missing it and
far worse off for that very fact. We have to be careful, though, not to generalise
because many do share these experiences. We may not recognise them because we
do not get the signs. The signs are often the Hoodie and the i-Phone (one of which
I do not own), the football scarf and the chants and the grumpy old man syndrome.
The only problem is, not all of us can take part in these because we do not identify
with them. That does not make them not worthwhile or less meaningful.
The challenge of the church is to cross these barriers. Note: I did not say break
them down! Our call from Jesus is to reach across, so that everyone knows there
is no longer a restriction to learning that we all, in the end, need the same thing,
A march as described above does not need to be at a prescribed pace and in a
certain style, we just need do it together. So… anyone for a walk?
Love Jason, The Man in the Manse

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