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1st of February 2011

Our Family Beetle Evening in November went with a swing. It was good to see so many people enjoying themselves and £168 was raised towards the cost of trees for our Christmas Tree Festival which was very helpful. We were able to open only for the first day because of the weather closing in but, at the time of writing, we hope to open on New Year’s Day afternoon.
The Family Carol Service was also cancelled which was a great disappointment to us all, as well as to all those people who had worked so hard to decorate trees for the Festival. However, we were able to have our quiet communion service on Christmas Eve, lit only by the lights on the trees, which gave us the chance to reflect on Jesus whose celebration it is. A very peaceful time together.
A number of people were unable to come on Christmas Day to celebrate with us but the service was no less joyful as we greeted each other and rejoiced in the coming of the Christ Child, Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
If you would like to join us for the monthly lunch, please contact Brenda on 01923 269574. Our next event is a Family Quiz Evening on 26 March (see advert) so please note the date and come and join us for an interesting evening.

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