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St Paul’s And Holy Cross

1st of December 2010

Tuesday 26 October was a cold grey day and I was glad of that as the taxi bus in which I was sitting made its way to Auschwitz. Such weather seemed somehow fitting for such a visit. Having visited genocide sites in Rwanda, I was both expecting and prepared to be disturbed as my thoughts were focused on what it must have been like to have actually been there, some seventy years earlier – as prisoner, guard, or…
Perhaps it was sensible that there was very little of the horrendous activities of that place actually visible… as the tour went from one location to another I had to imagine what it must have been like ….difficult but healthily painful to try to ‘be there’ in those days…
But I was disturbed in a way I did not expect. The whole site was crowded with visitors, in many ways a really good thing that so many were exposed to all this, yet in the crowds it seemed as if this place was just another tourist attraction with everyone knowing this was a place where evil things had happened but somehow immune to the reality of it. That concerned me deeply.
And now as I think towards Christmas, I find I am disturbed in similar fashion. There will be plenty of celebration no doubt. We all know this marks the birth of Jesus but are we immune to the reality of this amazing event? What have we understood and received from His coming? Do we even remember what His name means? What difference has His coming made to my daily life over this last year? How much impact will ‘the Saviour of the World’ have upon me as we move into 2011?
I wish you much joy in Jesus Christ this coming season. Jim Stevens


Sat. 4 December 5.30-7.00pm St Paul’s Parish Room

Come and join us as we eat together,
worship, pray and look at different topics that will encourage us to think about the ‘bigger picture’. Each term there will be a theme which we will build upon together as we discover more of God’s heart for us and explore His Big Picture for our lives and his world.
All ages are welcome

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