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Gardening In November

1st of November 2010

Autumn is now well advanced and leaves are falling everywhere. Days are really getting short and there is still a lot to do.

Fruit and Vegetables.
It’s time to lift the rest of the parsnips and to harvest Brussels sprouts and winter brassicas as they mature. Pigeons are getting to be a real problem with cabbages and putting nets over the crops certainly helps. Carry on with the winter digging, adding farmyard manure as necessary but not where carrots and parsnips are to be grown. Start to plant bare-root raspberries, apples, pears, plums, all currants and berries and garlic; also broad beans for an early spring crop. Early onion sets should have been planted last month but can still go in during the first week of November.

Bulbs and Bedding.
Plant tulip bulbs, daffodils and narcissi, and bedding plants. Plant up window boxes and containers.

Shrubs and Perennials.
Plant roses, shrubs and climbers. Herbaceous plants should be cut down now if they have flowered and large plants should be dug up and divided. Don’t cut down penstemmons until the spring and leave plants intact that will look good with the frost on them during winter. This is the time to lift and move large established shrubs, but always dig plants up with as much soil as possible around the roots. Bare-root hedging plants, such as beech, privet and quickthorn, must be planted from November until March. Protect plants from wind damage and make sure trees and large shrubs are well staked. Tie in the climbing plants too.

The Glasshouse.
Make sure that the heater is working. If not already done, clean out and disinfect and line with bubble plastic. Bring in tender plants such as geraniums and fuchsias, also tubers of dahlias and cannas which should be dusted with sulphur prior to storage.

In the Garden.
Clean up any rubbish and get the bonfire ready for November 5th but do make sure there are no hedgehogs or wildlife inside before lighting up.
At this time of the year there will be plenty of old plants and clippings to go on the compost heap. Use Garotta powder to help the rotting process. Rake up the leaves and use them to make either leafmould or compost, and make sure leaves that have fallen on plants are removed. Keep mowing the lawn if still growing, and then get the mower serviced. Do keep off the grass when it is wet, or during frosty weather. And don’t forget to feed the birds.
Terry Simmonds

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