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Chipperfield Care – Could You Be A Volunteer?

1st of October 2010

As you can see from our regular entry on the back of this newsletter, Chipperfield Care exists to provide transport or practical support to those in our village when it is needed and asked for.
To do this we have a band of willing volunteers available daily on the telephone (Duty Officers) and to drive clients to local hospitals, doctors, dentists, shopping and such like (Drivers). We are seeking to interest others in the village to become volunteers. Could you be one? Either a Duty Officer or Driver? We need more volunteers for both. The commitment is not onerous:
Duty Officer – once a month to be available in your own home from 9.30am-1.30pm. We have a simple system to switch the Care telephone number to a home address for the duration of the duty.
Driver – to be available occasionally to drive clients to local destinations. For this the client reimburses a modest ‘fare’ to cover petrol and other costs.
If you are interested, please contact:
Tony Cornell, organiser, at Middle Oak, Chapel Croft, Chipperfield, WD4 9EQ.
Tel: 01923 262468

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