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Gardening In September

1st of September 2010

The gardens are full of flower this month with summer bedding looking good and the sedums, heleniums and Michaelmas daisies all looking their best. There are a lot of jobs to do this month ….

Vegetables and Fruit.
Keep up with watering runner beans until they stop flowering and watch out for Cabbage White caterpillars on the brassicas. Harvest the potatoes and root crops. Onions should be hung up in a dry place. Start to plant the early onion sets as well as garlic and strawberry plants. Now is the time to put grease bands around fruit trees and the old raspberry canes should be cut down and new ones tied in.

The Flower Garden.
Spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, crocus, snowdrops and the like should be bought while there is a good choice but there’s no need to plant them just yet. Hyacinths for early flowering in bowls however should be planted as soon as possible. Dead-head and cut down perennials and plant new plants. Plant out pansies and autumn bedding plants. Polyanthus, primroses, wallflowers, sweet williams and Canterbury bells will be ready later in the month. Before the first frosts arrive, lift the tender perennials and take into the greenhouse. Plant up the winter baskets and containers.

The Greenhouse.
Tomatoes and peppers should be harvested now. If the greenhouse can be emptied out, now is the best time to fumigate with a sulphur candle. Clean the glass and line the house with bubble plastic and check that the heater is working ready for the colder weather. This month is a good time to sow sweet peas under glass ready for planting out early next spring.

The Lawn.
Keep up with regular mowing while the grass is growing. The grass took quite a bashing in the dry summer weather so do not mow too short. Scarify and aerate the lawn and apply a weed-killer such as Verdone to control the worst weeds. A low-nitrogen fee such as Evergreen Autumn Turf Fertilizer should be applied in September or early October. September is a good time too for sowing new grass areas or for laying turf.
Chipperfield Autumn Flower show is on 18 September with both Sarratt and Bovingdon having their shows on 11 September. The Malvern Autumn Show is on 25-26 September and the RHS Wisley Flower Show in from 10-12 September. See page 8 for details of two garden talks taking place in Chipperfield. Terry Simmonds

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