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New Arrivals

1st of June 2010

Four little lambs are now skipping around the garden. Sally finally produced twin girls early one Saturday morning. When I arrived on the scene just before 7 o’clock the second one had just been born and was still wet, but the first was on its feet and dry. I cannot say that she is the best mum in the world as she does not seem to love them. They get just long enough to feed before she kicks them away with a back leg. If they are in her way she just knocks them aside with her head, but in spite of everything they are determined little things and are doing well. My mother named them Jill and Jane and they have a fine time running races with Lucy and Chris. I thought Sally would be a cuddly sort of mum as she so likes a bit of fuss herself, but hopefully she will grow to love them and be as good mum as the other ewe, Katy.
What a splendid year for primroses and cowslips it has been. We have a lot of primroses in a little dell in the garden which usually do quite well and have not disappointed, but the ones in the woods have done so much better this year and there are a nice lot of young plants coming on. I had not had much luck with cowslips in the past, but this year a lot have come up on the spoil heap from the ponds. I sowed it with a good wildflower mix in the first autumn after the ponds were made 3 years ago, but cowslips need a really cold spell to germinate and this is the first time any have come up. I have to keep the sheep off them until they have set seed or the sheep would scoff the lot. I am just hoping the rabbits don’t take a fancy to them or they will be gone over night!
Wendy Bathurst

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