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A Lady In Waiting

1st of May 2010

Spring at last and once again its lambing time. ‘Put the ram in on bonfire night and get lambs at Easter’ the old saying goes. Well, I got twins just before Easter but I am still waiting for Sally. Katy, the oldest ewe, is a very good mum and rather conveniently nearly always has her lambs in the daytime. She was true to form again this time, one just before lunch and one just after. She gave me a nice ewe lamb, Lucy, and a neat little ram, Chris. All seemed to have gone well, my only concern was that the grass hadn’t grown much and they do need plenty of nourishment. I dished out extra sheep mix and they have a feed block to lick but the next day Katy looked a bit off colour. I did not want to lose her and end up with 2 lambs to bottle feed so I was a bit concerned. Epson Salts is a good old farmer’s stand by so she got a drop of that, extra food and a bit of T.L.C. and the next day she was fine. Lucy and Chris are full of beans, running races and using their poor mother as a trampoline, but I do wish Sally would produce some playmates for them.
My sheep are all Shetlands which are very hardy and usually lamb easily. In Shetland they would lamb outside but mine get portable red huts with DANGER EXPLOSIVES written on the outside. They never bother about the weather but they always lamb in the huts. I then put a hurdle across the front and keep them shut in with their lambs for a few hours to ‘mother up’. I check up on Sally last thing at night and first thing in the morning and keep an eye out while I am in the garden. She is very affectionate and comes to have her cheeks rubbed at bedtime and is lapping up the extra attention but I wish she would get on with it. Wendy Bathurst

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