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The Friends Of Chipperfield Common Team Strikes Again!

1st of December 2009

Following our success in measuring the ancient chestnut trees, the wonderful Colin Chambers, tree warden from D.B.C, set the team another challenge should we wish to accept it and we did.
This time it was to clear Manor pond, opposite the Manor House. We dug a new channel to divert rainwater from the road into the pond and we felled trees and cleared weed. Colin showed us how to cut a V in the trunk before felling the trees to ensure they fell the right way and did not decapitate too many volunteers on their way down.
After heavy rainfall that evening we all raced up to the pond the next day, like excited children, to see how full “our” pond had become. Yes, there was a noticeble difference in the water level and it is now interesting to watch just how high it will become with all the winter rains.
The following week we were again summoned by Colin, this time to tackle the Pill pond, just past the Windmill Pub.
We chopped and raked and felled more trees and found two frogs which indicated there was water somewhere! Sarah Whalley came out to show us an old photograph of how the pond used to look…no trees, no weeds, just lots of water. It used to be full of frogspawn and I remembered walking my three children to the pond to catch frogspawn for school.
Another kind neighbour came out with cups of hot coffee to keep us going and to see what progress we had made.
We would welcome more help with these various projects and would add that it is a great way to meet new people.
If you would like to help, please contact: or Clare Covington D.B.C on 01442 228788 for more information.

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