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St Pauls And Holy Cross

1st of December 2009

What’s the cost of Christmas? At the end of the day will it have been worth it? Well, of course, the answer depends on whom you ask! It will also depend on who has given what and why and how the gift is used.
Have you ever thought of the cost of Christmas that our Creator paid? The price of leaving the throne of heaven, coming and living among us, His creatures, must have been enormous! And it did not end there for Good Friday was the goal of His coming. Why do this? Because He saw our need, loved, and made the sacrifice. This Christmas I invite you to reconsider this amazing act of love.
How we choose to live shows how much (or not) we value the gift we have been given.
New Year follows hard on the heels of Christmas. How we use the resources of His planet on which we live is one of the great challenges we face. Will we take seriously the call to cut our personal Carbon footprint by 10% in 2010? Do we care for our children and grandchildren enough so as to leave them a beautiful and resourced world in which to live? We need to face the cost now.
As a church we are already looking at ways to cut our communal Carbon foot print by 10%. This primarily means looking at the way we use our heating. I shall be calling our church members to face this challenge as individuals too. How can we cut our fuel bills by 10%? (Perhaps the healthy ones of us should do more than this to allow the very elderly to keep warm!) How might I save 10% of the fuel I normally use in my car? How do I drive in the most fuel efficient way? Avoid waste. As a nation something like 20% of food products are wasted…should we avoid food products flown in and try to use more locally grown and seasonal food…..?
I love a good full hot bath. Running the bath the other day, I faced the challenge of 10% less hot water, or of a cooler bath. I found it a real struggle to face a simple thing like that! But if I am to care for God’s world and the coming generations such things, and more, have to be faced.
I would be pleased to receive ideas about how we can help one another meet this 10% target and to share with you all in the next issue.
I wish you all a joyful Christmas and a fruitful New Year.
Jim Stevens

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