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Roman Catholic Church

1st of December 2009

Knowing how much of his heart had remained behind in Tanzania, the congregation were very relieved and happy to see Fr. Terry back on the altar. He told us how wonderful it was to be in a place where no-one owned a watch and there was time for everything. He had so much enjoyed his holiday among “his” people, speaking their language. The climate was a contrast too!
The projects started during his time in Chingalangulu are all prospering: water is now on tap in the village. All the people there are very appreciative of help from Chipperfield. Fr. Terry has plans for improving the solar-panels for next year.
The “Murder Mystery” entertainment which took place last month was a great success. Such Talent! Feather dusters and cockney accents will be forever associated with some of our pew occupiers. The evening made a wonderful £1000 profit which has gone to the Ocean Road Cancer Hospital for Children where, as well as treatment, an education will be provided for the children and better accommodation for their visiting family members.
The Faith Sharing Group meets on Monday evenings, 8-9pm.
The theme is “Your Kingdom come”.
Christmas Services
December 24th 11.30pm – Carols followed by Midnight Mass
December 25th 9.00am – HolyMass, 11.00am – Holy Mass

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